Mr Mkhize is disappointed when he sees that the children aren’t new customers. “Oh, hello again kids,” he mutters, “how can I help you?”

“Mr Mkhize, I asked you for a quarter and I paid you for a quarter. But this is not a quarter,” says Zodwa, pointing at her kota. “I want the rest of my kota or my money back,” she adds firmly.

“Is it true Mr Mkhize? You’ve been cheating us!” cries Nomsa. A few children have followed them to the shop and are now listening to the fierce accusations.

Mkhize waves his hands wildly. “What are you saying about me?” he protests. “I’m not like that! I want you to get out of my shop now!”

Then Zodwa says quietly, “We will tell everyone what you are doing. It will spread like wildfire throughout the school. You will have to close your shop. No one will come and buy from you!”

Mr Mkhize looks at the three children standing in front of him. Then he looks at the growing crowd outside his shop.