They both look very closely at their kotas. Sure enough, Jabu’s is bigger.

“Something is not right here,” says Zodwa. “I wonder if this is the reason Mr Mkhize’s shop is not busy anymore.”

Jabu thinks for a while and then he replies, “Well, I heard that some kids saw Mkhize cutting his bread into five pieces for kotas!”

Nomsa overhears Jabu and Zodwa talking and she’s curious. She asks them what’s wrong with cutting the loaf into five pieces for kotas.

Zodwa and Jabu reply together, “A kota is a quarter of a loaf!”

Nomsa still looks confused, so Zodwa explains, “The loaf must be cut into four equal pieces. Otherwise, they are not quarters.”

Nomsa is cross because she also buys from Mr Mkhize. “So, he is stealing bread from us!” she says in a loud voice.

Zodwa decides to go back to Mkhize’s shop to complain. She marches off, holding her kota up in the air. Nomsa hurries behind her.

Hungry Jabu looks longingly at his kota and sighs. Then he gets up to follow his friends.