Lesedi was scared of everything. She was scared of shadows. She was scared of noises. She was even scared of thunder. She was so scared of so many things that everyone called her Little Mouse.

Every night before she went to bed, she did three things. She shut the cupboard doors, just in case there was something hiding inside. She pushed all her shoes and toys under her bed, so that there was no space for anything else to fit there. And, she closed her curtains tightly, so that nothing could come in. Then, she jumped into bed and pulled the duvet right up to her eyes.

“Lesedi,” said her father one night before bed time, “it is time you stopped this. You are old enough to know better. You must stop being such a little mouse.”

“I clean your room every day,” said her mother, kindly, “and I have never seen anything there.” They kissed her goodnight, told her to be brave and to go to bed.

“Yes, Mma. Yes, Tate,” she said and went to her bedroom. “Tonight,” she whispered, “I will try to be brave.”

So, she did three things. She looked in the cupboard and left the door open – just a little. She looked under the bed and only put her slippers there. And, she left just enough space between the curtains so that the moon could shine in. Then she jumped into bed and pulled the duvet right over her head!