Mama Triangle held Jojo’s hand as she led him outside. “Don’t worry Jojo,” she said. “Chief Short and Round didn’t leave his spring horn here but I know where it is. That chief can be such a silly thing!” Mama Triangle, Little Square Jojo and Dudu Diamond all ran down the mountain and in no time at all they were safely at the bottom.

It was evening by the time they reached Chief Short and Round’s house. Mama Triangle knocked on the door and when it was opened everyone rushed inside. “Hello,” said Chief Short and Round, blinking sleepily. “Did you find my spring horn? Will we be able to have the springtime party?” Little Square Jojo felt very bad and shook his head.

“Jojo looked for your spring horn all day,” said Mama Triangle. “It is not his fault that he didn’t find it. It is your fault, Chief Short and Round. Don’t you remember?” Mama Triangle pointed at the chief. “You are wearing your spring horn on your head!” Chief Short and Round gasped, “Oh my, I remember it now. I was so hot from climbing up that mountain that I put my horn on my head.”

“I am so embarrassed,” said Chief Short and Round as he took his spring horn off his head. Then he passed it to Little Square Jojo. “You have done all the hard work, Jojo. You should blow the horn.” Little Square Jojo smiled. He lifted up the horn and gave it a loud blow. “Now we can have the springtime party!” All was well in the Village of Many Shapes.

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