Soon Dudu Diamond and Little Square Jojo were half the way up the mountain. Things were very different there. “Look,” said Jojo. “That’s the strangest spider I’ve ever seen.” “Wow,” said Dudu. “It has spun a beautiful web. Let’s count the sides. One, two, three, four, five and six! “That makes it a hexagon then!

After climbing over a very big rock, Little Square Jojo and Dudu Diamond finally arrived at Mama Triangle’s house. They were high up now and felt a bit dizzy. “Hello, you two,” said Mama Triangle with a smile. “I am so happy to have visitors. Most of the time I’m all alone here on the top of my mountain. Come inside and sit down at my table.”

“Mama Triangle,” said Jojo after catching his breath, “We’ve come to find Chief Short and Round’s spring horn. Tata Rectangle said that the chief visited you this morning.” “Yes, that is correct,” said Mama Triangle. “The chief came to ask me to help prepare for the springtime party. But he didn’t leave his spring horn here.” “Oh no,” said Jojo sadly. “We’ve come all this way for nothing!”