Dudu Diamond was cleaning her house when Jojo arrived. Her earrings were making a lovely tinkling sound as she worked. “Hello, Jojo,” she said. “What are you doing today?” “I am on my way to Mama Triangle’s house to find the chief’s spring horn,” said Little Square Jojo. “That’s nice of you,” said Dudu. “I am happy to come with you. How much further do you have to go?”

Little Square Jojo scratched his head. “Let’s see. Mama Triangle’s house was three kilometres away from where I started. I walked about half the way to get to my house, that’s one and a half kilometres. Then I walked another half a kilometre to get to your house. That makes 2 kilometres. So we only have one more kilometre to go!” “That’s not so far then!” smiled Dudu. “I’ll pack some things to take with.”

Dudu Diamond and Little Square Jojo walked until they reached the bottom of a tall mountain. “Mama Triangle’s house is right up there at the top,” said Dudu. “Let’s stop for a while and have a rest. You can have the sandwich I packed.” Jojo cut the sandwich into four smaller pieces. “Here, let’s share the sandwich, you have two pieces and I’ll have two.”