Tata Rectangle was happy to see Jojo. He opened his door and welcomed Jojo inside. “I remember seeing Chief Short and Round earlier this morning,” said Tata Rectangle, “but I don’t think he had his spring horn with him.” Little Square Jojo looked under Tata Rectangle’s bed and behind his books. He even looked into his fridge. But Jojo couldn’t find the spring horn anywhere.

“Go and see if Mama Triangle has the spring horn,” said Tata Rectangle. “Chief Short and Round visited her before he came to see me.” “Thank you, Tata,” said Jojo as he waved goodbye. Mama Triangle’s house is about three kilometres from here, thought Jojo. That is a far distance to walk. I will stop at my house along the way and have a rest.

Little Square Jojo was hot and tired by the time he reached his house. He went inside to open his freezer and pour a glass of cold water with ice blocks. “I must be half the way to Mama Triangle’s house,” he said. “I hope she has the chief’s horn.” Then Jojo had an idea. “I can visit Dudu Diamond. Her house is only half a kilometre from here and it’s on the way.”