“I have a very big problem,” cried Chief Short and Round in a loud voice. “Everyone, come here! I have a very big problem.” The people of the Village of Many Shapes formed a big circle around Chief Short and Round. They wanted to hear what he had to say.

Chief Short and Round began, “This is the worst news ever. I have lost my spring horn.” The villagers whispered to each other, “Oh no!” Chief Short and Round continued talking, “If I don’t find my spring horn then I can’t blow my spring horn! And we can’t start the springtime party if I can’t blow my spring horn. And spring won’t come if we don’t have a springtime party.”

Little Square Jojo stepped into the circle and lifted up his hand. “I will find your spring horn, Chief Short and Round.” “Good, good,” said the chief with a smile. “You can start looking at the last place I visited this morning. Go to Tata Rectangle’s house. I remember having my horn with me there.”