Now little Miss Freckle Frog lived under the big rock. She was ugly, as all frogs are, but she loved pretty things, perhaps because she was not pretty herself. But although she was not pretty, she was a kind-hearted little body, and all her friends liked her.

Every day when Big Mary sat in the sunshine, Freckle Frog crept out from under the rock, and hid in the grass, and watched her. She thought Big Mary was wonderful, but she thought that the blue silk dress and the pink parasol were more wonderful still, and the little soft muff,—that was the most wonderful of all! And poor little Freckle Frog wished that she had a blue silk dress with lace, and a pink parasol like Big Mary. But most of all she wished that she had a little soft muff.

Now it happened, too, that it was just about the time for Mr. Robin Redbreast to give his big party in the orchard, and little Freckle Frog had been invited, and more than that, her own cousin, Billy Bullfrog, had promised to sing, and of course she wished to look just as nice as she could.

So early one fine day, she went to see the Morning Glory Ladies who live near the back porch and always wear such beautiful dresses, and she said to them:

“Oh, dear Morning Glory Ladies, your dresses are always so beautiful! But have you seen Big Mary’s blue silk trimmed with lace? It is more beautiful still, the loveliest dress in the whole world! Would you mind making me one like that to wear to Robin Redbreast’s party? My cousin, Billy Bullfrog, is to sing, and I wish so very much to look just as nice as I can. I am not one bit pretty like Big Mary, but clothes always help a great deal, you know. Would you mind lending me one for the party?”