Marilize goes next. She is Johannes’ sister. “She will draw pyramids,” says Jane. “She will draw Egyptian kings,” says Kuda.

Marilize finishes drawing. They are not pyramids. They are not Egyptian kings. “These are hieroglyphics,” says Marilize. “This is the writing used by Egyptian people a very long time ago. We saw hieroglyphics written in the tomb of King Tutankhamun.”

Kuda goes next. He draws what he enjoyed most from his holiday. “It is a castle,” says Johannes. “It is a safari lodge,” says Sibongile.

Kuda finishes his drawing. It is not a castle. It is not a safari lodge. “This is the Great Zimbabwe,” explains Kuda. “It was an important African city nearly 1000 years ago, in the Kingdom of Zimbabwe. It was built from small stones, without any mortar!” The bell rings for the pupils to go home. Tomorrow, they will continue sharing their holiday experiences.

Tell us: What did you do during your holidays?