Hare, Elephant and Hippopotumas

Pass on the love of reading! Read this children’s story to a lucky young person.


This story was told by Kapilolo Mario Mahongo in !Xun in 2005. It was translated from Afrikaans to English by Marlene Winberg.

Hare and Elephant met in the forest one day. Hare said to Elephant, “Come on, let me pull you into the river!”

Elephant said, “ Are you mad?”

“No, I can do it. I am telling you!”

“You?ttoryer. Look at you, you are small and weak. Look at my strength!”

“Just wait,” said Hare, “I will show you tomorrow.”

Hare went to river and told Hippo the same thing. Of course Hippo laughed at Hare and told him he was crazy.

Then Hare went into the forest and found a long strong rope. Off he went to Elephant.

“OK let’s try now. I am going to pull you all the way int the river.”

Elephant laughed. Hare tied the rope around Elephant’s leg and around his own ankle.

When you feel the rope tighten around your leg, elephant, you must pull!

Hare ran down to the river and told Hipp the same story.

Remember to pull when you feel the rope tighten, Hipp, called Hare as he ran back into the forest. Here he pulled and untied his end of the rope from his own ankle.

Both Hippo and Elephant felt the rope tighten and they both started pulling. They were both strong guys and pulled each other along. After some heavy pulling, the two of them looked up and saw each other right in front of their noses!

Of course Hare laughed until his stomach ached and ran off into the forest.


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