The young man went back to Mongu. Just as the old man had said, they were able to chase the people of Kitwe away and get back their land. A celebration was held in the whole land. The young man was praised for his courage. He became the first King of Mongu village. As king, he was wise enough to rule his people well. He served them with humility and considered them in every action he took. THE END.”

Wamaitha said, “My dear grandchildren, the fruit of freedom comes to each one of us at a given point. Be wise enough to use it well. Remember your actions do not only affect you but everyone around you.” Satisfied and happy, the grandchildren went into the house. Wamaitha sat back and watched them go. She hoped the stories she told them every day would build them into better people and leaders for tomorrow.


Tell us: What does the story show us about fables told around the fire?