They were all curious and asked, “Tell us!” The young man began, “My grandfather told us about a man named Ubuntu who lives across the forest. He grows a fruit called Freedom which gives people strength to do anything. Let us find this man.” They were all silent and did not know what to do. Since no one else had a better idea, they said, “You go and find this Ubuntu.”

The young man set out to find Ubuntu. After five days of going through the forest he came across big house. He was very happy. He found an elderly man. The man asked, “What do you want?” The young man answered, “I want Freedom.” Immediately he said that, the man’s eyes grew bigger. It was so long since anyone had gone in search of the fruit.

They talked for a long time. Ubuntu decided to give the young man the fruit. He said, “Listen carefully. Once you eat this fruit you will acquire wisdom and knowledge which will help you to lead your people to independence. This fruit will make you the leader of your people. Rule them with humility.”He handed a fruit in the shape of a grape and added, “Follow my instructions and your land will prosper. Now, go and tell no one about me.”