Every day Caitlyn would play with her doll. She would have tea parties with it too.

“Little doll, you are my best friend!” She said, smiling at her favourite doll.

Her doll wouldn’t leave her side, she would even sleep next to her doll every night, “Goodnight, my friend.” she said as she fell asleep.

One day Caitlyn saw that her doll was missing…

She looked everywhere, under her bed, in the kitchen and in the yard. She couldn’t find her and she started to cry.

“Noooooooooooo!” she shouted.

Her family heard her cries and came quickly to her, she even woke her brother up.

“What’s wrong Caitlyn?” Her family asked.

“I can’t find my friend,” Caitlyn said, sniffing.

“Your friend?” Her brother asked, scratching his head.

“Yes, my friend.” She then cried louder and her mother hugged her.

“Oh, she means her doll I gave her,” her dad said.

“Don’t worry princess, we will find her, just keep looking.” Her mom said.

Caitlyn decided to search the backyard again.


Do you feel sorry for Caitlyn?