How good are you at helping people fit in? Take our Friend-o-Meter quiz to find out!

1. Your teacher asks you to show the new student in school around. What do you feel?
a. Fantastic! A new friend!
b. Why can’t they figure things out themselves?
c. Uh oh …

2. A girl in your class walks with a limp. The others laugh at her. What do you do?
a. Nothing – it’s none of your business.
b. Tell her to ignore them – they’re mean.
c. Ask your classmates to imagine if they were different.

3. Your new classmate is having trouble with his lessons. What can you do?
a. Tell the brainiest student in class to lend him her notes.
b. Tell the teacher – it’s her job to help him.
c. Ask him if you could help him with his work.

4. The new girl in class is rather shy. She doesn’t play with anyone. What can you do?
a. Let her be – she’ll join in when she’s ready.
b. Call her over and make her join in the games.
c. Go and sit next to her – maybe she’ll start a conversation.

Get your score:
Q1. a – 1; b – 2 ; c – 3
Q2. a – 2; b – 1 ; c – 3
Q3. a – 3; b – 2; c – 1
Q4. a – 2; b – 1; c – 3

Now add it up. If you’ve scored…

4-6 points:You are a born friend, always ready to lend a hand. You don’t wait for people to ask for help – you’re already there, waiting to give it to them.
7-9 points:You are an independent person and feel that people should be too. But that doesn’t mean you don’t care – you just don’t want to force anyone.
10-12 points:You might be a little shy, but you are kind-hearted too. You’ll do whatever you can indirectly to help others and make them feel at ease.