Talk about a vibe! It’s late evening and there are masses of people packed around the catwalk that’s been assembled on the beach. The music is pumping, the sun’s going down and the sea is beginning to reflect the twinkling lights of the hotels that line the curve of the bay. 

Nomusa is working the catwalk like a supermodel! And the crowd is going mad as she and the other models strut their stuff, wearing the coolest of Durban design, accessorized with BIG attitudes. As Nomu strikes a pose at the end of the ramp she spots us all in the crowd and flashes us a dazzling smile. Deevya and I grin at each other as Nomusa turns away with a flourish – the girl has presence and style, and we love her for it.

“Nomusa is the coolest,” I try and say to Lindi who is standing next to me. But the music is so loud she can’t make out what I’m saying. By the look on her face I’d say she’s thinking the same thing though. I hope so.  Nomusa’s a one-of-a-kind. If Lindi messes this up because she’s afraid that what other people think is more important than what the two of them have, then she might live to regret it for the rest of her life.

I lose that thought as Zack gets back from buying drinks for us girls, hands them round, and then kisses my cheek as he pulls me in next to him. 

“Hello beautiful,” he whispers in my ear.

“It’s nice to see Romeo and Juliet getting along so well again,” says Deevya, smiling at us.

I see her eyes flicker in recognition at somebody behind us, and as I turn to look, I spot Zoom and the rest of the boys easing through the crowd as they come over to say hi.

“Hey Hope,” Zoom jokes with a cheeky smile, “made any newspaper headlines recently?”

Eek! I know from chatting to Zack last night that he’s still feeling a bit sensitive about all that publicity around our break up, but he handles it well, stepping forward, introducing himself and shaking hands with Zoom and the crew.

I notice Zoom looking a little taken aback, and I suddenly remember that I never replied to his sms asking me if I wanted to do something with him. Oh dash it! How could I be so forgetful? The poor guy probably thinks I’m still single too! And here I am obviously totally back together with Zack. What do I say?!

Deevya, taking in my expression and sizing up the situation, steps into the gap, grabs Zack’s arm and pulls him over to her side. 

“It’s so fantastic to see you guys!” I hear her exclaim as she strikes up the conversation, “What have you been up too? Have you spotted Nomusa on the catwalk yet? She’s looking amazing…”

At which point Nomusa steals the limelight as she glides out in the most exquisite evening gown and killer heels.

For the next ten minutes we’re totally caught up in the action of the fashion show. And then suddenly it’s over, with just the audience and the music left behind. 

It’s kind of cool actually, all of us outside on the beach, chatting underneath the stars in the balmy evening air, waiting for Nomusa to join us. There’s a full moon coming up and a good vibe going down, and everyone’s getting on really well – even Zack and Zoom.

As most of the crowd starts leaving the beach Zack spots someone he knows walking by and runs after her to catch her. 

“Hope, meet Vel, the new girl from downstairs,” he says as he gets back, introducing me to a short, freckly girl with a sweet face.

She looks really nice. Honestly. But when I say hello I can’t help remembering her flirty voice on the phone as she tried to make a telephonic move on my guy, and I know my smile doesn’t quite reach my eyes. I feel a rush of guilt at my lack of neighbourly warmth.

After a stint of half-hearted conversation on my part, Zack looks around at the rest of our circle of friends hanging out and chatting as the beach gets emptier and emptier, and turns to run his brilliant idea past both Vel and I.

“Hey! Why break up a good party? My mom’s away so we could all go back to my place and chill for a few hours. What do you girls think?”  

 WHAT DO YOU THINK? A moonlit beach, good vibes, beautiful people getting to know each other better and a house party to go to…this is a night made for magic. Could there be some new developments on the cards?