I’m still giving Deevya the slitty-eyed look, furious with her for setting the time on my cellphone an hour early, and trying to figure out what to do next when all the lights in the club are turned on. It’s suddenly so bright that we have to shade our eyes with our hands. Then the music turns off.

“Hey, what’s going on?” says Nomusa. 

And then, through the door of the chill out lounge we see the police walking into the main section of the club.

“Oh my heavens, it’s a raid!” says Deevya. And then very quickly: “Just get up really casually and follow me girls.”

“Where to?” I ask, panic rising in my throat.

“Ladies room,” Deevya replies briskly.

And for the second time that night I feign innocence as I make my way through another doorway with my friends, leaving Simon behind without a second glance.

There’s a girl in there, putting on her lipstick in front of the bathroom window.

“There’s a raid happening outside!” says Nomusa.

The girl’s hand flies to her mouth in panic. Clearly she’s also not quite 18.

“Ok, come with us. All of us into this empty stall, we’re climbing out the window!” orders Deevya.

I start to giggle. I can’t help it. Maybe it’s the beer. Maybe it’s nerves.  But it’s obviously contagious because Nomusa starts laughing too.

“This is ridiculous,” giggles Nomusa.

“Guys, it’s not funny!” scolds Deevya, “You’ll get arrested and your parents will kill you!” 

She’s right. Deevya’s parents are totally fine with her going to clubs – but they are admittedly pretty weird parents. But my mother and Nomusa’s parents would freak if we had to call them from the police station to bail us out.

“And personally I can totally do without being packed into the back of a police van and made to spend a few hours in a police station cell with all the other New Year’s criminals,” Deevya rants on. “We’re out of here.”

With that Deevya climbs on the toilet seat and opens the unbarred window.

“You first Nomusa! Move it!”

Nomusa climbs onto the loo and slithers athletically out the window without any fuss.

“Oh, hello Simon,” we hear her say conversationally when just her legs can be seen from the bathroom cubicle.

“I’ve used this exit myself before,” we hear him say. “I thought I’d come outside the club and round to the back to give you a hand down from the window to the ground. It’s quite a drop.” 

“See! He is a nice guy!” I hiss at Deevya.

“I didn’t say he wasn’t,” Deevya hisses back, “I meant that he is trouble for you. Now focus on what’s important and get your behind out of that window!”

I climb on the toilet lid, then up onto the cistern and poke my head and shoulders gingerly through the window. I can see Nomusa holding the window open and Simon looking up at me from outside.

“Go!” shouts Deevya from behind me, and gives me an unexpectedly hearty push on the bum. 

I fall forwards, kicking instinctively to try and balance myself. I find a foothold and as I push off with my foot to propel myself out the window and into Simon’s arms I hear the toilet flush behind me. Nice one Hope. Stepping straight from the toilet flusher into the strong arms of my knight in shining armour. It’s not exactly Cinderella, is it? 

The same thought has obviously crossed Nomusa’s mind because she has a ridiculous grin spread right across her face as my feet finally reach the ground outside.

“Cool fanfare Hope,” she giggles.

Next out is lipstick girl.

“My name is Lindi by the way,” she says as her feet touch the ground. “Thanks for helping me out.”

“Ok guys, I’m coming out,” announces Deevya and launches herself out the window at speed. 

We’re not quite ready, and as we all rush to catch her we hear a loud ripping sound, and then I feel a sickening pain in my ankle as she lands on me and my foot twists as I fall. 

WHAT DO YOU THINK: When The Awesomes try and get themselves out of trouble, they seem to get themselves in deeper trouble. Does this ever happen to you?