How Deevya managed to talk us into this, I don’t know. But she’s got Nomusa primed and ready downstairs next to our AfroBollyMe exhibit. 

When Simon arrives Nomusa has promised to flirt her socks off with him to test how easily he can be won over. Yeah, I know, this is one crazy plan. My heart is pounding like a drum inside my chest and I feel a bit nauseous.

Deevya and I are in the empty upstairs gallery, hiding out like James Bond and his floozy on a stakeout. We’re out of sight of the crowds below, but we’ve got a birds’ eye view of what’s happening down there in the crowded exhibition space.  

What shocks me most is that it happens so fast. Simon arrives. And let me tell you, he’s looking hotter than ever. I actually forget to breathe for a few seconds. But then Deevya elbows me hard and I gasp in surprise, sucking the air back into my lungs.  

Nomusa walks straight over to Simon with her best catwalk swagger and kisses him slap bang on the lips as she says hello! Then she pulls out the stops faster than traffic on the Durban to Pietermartizburg freeway out of rush hour, batting her eyelids and oozing charm. I had no idea Nomusa could flirt like that, but the girl is working it.

Simon only glances around once, with a semi-guilty expression on his face, and presumably asks where I am. Nomusa says something and gestures in a way that I imagine means she’s explaining that I’ve already left. And then the guy that could have been The One for me, never-been-kissed Hope L’Amour, acts like an unsuspecting fly eagerly winging its way into the deathly territory of a Venus Fly Trap. I can tell from his body language that he thinks Nomusa is The Shiz

Nomusa takes Simon’s hand and flirtatiously leads him over to the bar. He follows her like a love-struck puppy. And then, once he’s turned away from her as he tries to order them drinks from the busy barmen, she deserts him. Nomusa can’t see us but she knows where we are. She gives us a thumbs down of disappointment, and then she disappears.  

I’m feeling a bit numb. 

“I’m sorry, Hope. It’s not personal,” says Deevya with concern “You know that don’t you? I know this is hard but it really is better to know that Simon isn’t The One now rather than later, don’t you think?”

I’m gobsmacked by what I’ve just seen, but as I put my hand on my heart I realise it’s still in one piece. I close my eyes for a few seconds to give this feeling my absolute attention. Yup, nothings broken in my heart space. 

“Has anyone ever died of a broken ego?” I moan dramatically.

I think that’s an incredibly funny response from me given the circumstances, and I glance at Deevya in surprise when she doesn’t laugh. She’s looking down in horror at something in the downstairs gallery. My eyes follow her gaze and I suck my breath in.

Prakesh is there with another girl – and he’s making no bones about the fact that they’re very much together! 

I know I’ve got no idea what is or isn’t going on with Deevya and Prakesh, but I was witness to that kiss at The Corner Caf; just the other day and there was no mistaking the raw emotion on both sides of that impromptu liaison. Prakesh can’t but know that he’ll hurt Deevya by being here with another girl. So why didn’t he just stay away?! This is Deevya’s gig.

I glance across at my friend whose face is now fixed like a stone mask. The tables have turned so fast, and suddenly I’m the one consoling her.

“Deevya … it’s ok to be upset you know,” I say, desperate to help. “Prakesh is so in the wrong. I’m here for you.”

I try to put my hand on Deevya’s shoulder but she pushes it away.

“Thanks, Hope, I know that,” she snaps, “but there’s a time and a place for displaying emotion, and right now I’m not going to risk giving Prakesh any chance of seeing what he does to me.”

I can understand that. Dignity is so important. But I wish that Deevya would realise she’s not the one that has anything to hide. She has a good heart. And that Prakesh is one strange guy. I mean kissing her and then leaving straight away at The Corner Caf; was not exactly model behaviour, if you know what I mean? And then bringing another girl to Deevya’s exhibition when she clearly hasn’t expected that? The guy is acting like a chop.

“Hey Deevya, do you want to get out of here or do you want to come downstairs to watch me give Prakesh a public kung-fu in the illegals?” I enquire.

This is a joke, in case you’re wondering.

Deevya kind of laughs but then Prakesh turns and shares a long slobbery kiss with his new girlfriend, and Deevya looks like she’s been stabbed in the heart. 

WHAT DO YOU THINK? It seems that Hope and Deevya are both facing a crisis with the guys they like. Give the girls some advice -they really need it right now!