A few minutes later Nomusa spots Lindi surfing and paddles out to join her. I watch them for a while as they sit on their boards at backline, casually chatting and laughing as they wait for a good wave. After a while I lie back on my towel, feeling the cool breeze on my skin, trying to imagine my date with Simon tonight. Mmmm…

“Daydreaming?” says a familiar voice, and I am so deep in one that I nearly jump out of my skin.

“Woah! Oh hi Zack. I guess you could say that. Holy ravioli, you nearly gave me a friggin’ heart attack.”

“Sorry Hope!” He glances towards the surf where Nomusa is gracefully riding a wave. “Are you waiting for Nomusa to finish her surf?”

“Yeah,” I answer, now that I’ve regained my cool, “but you know Nomusa. She’ll stay out in the water until the last possible minute.”

Zack smiles as he nods in agreement and I look at him closely. I haven’t forgotten about my secret plan to match make Zack and Nomusa. And, hello! Judging by the look in Zack’s eye right now I think there’s a good probability of a Nomusa/Zack love match.

“Have you ever been on those red cable cars at the amusement park?” he asks me.

Random question, I think to myself.

“Of course I have – but not since I was about five!” I reply.

“Me neither. Do you wanna give it a quick whirl?” Zack asks.

What an amazing opportunity to play matchmaker, I think to myself. “Sure thing,” I answer without hesitation.

First, Zack and I walk out on the pier and shout down to Nomusa in the water below that we’ll be back soon. Then we stroll along the beachfront till we get to Funworld. 

“My treat,” says Zack as he pays for my ticket.

“Thanks dude. This is a really cool idea.”

There isn’t a queue and we hop onto a cable car together without delay and are whisked up into the air. I’d forgotten how cool these cable cars are! We’re so excited we’re like two kids up here in the sky. The views are incredible and I keep grabbing Zack’s arm to show him things I spot. We chat non-stop from the beginning to end of the ride and I’m actually a little sad when it ends..

As we walk back to meet Nomusa at North I make a mental note of all the good things about Zack that I must casually mention to her in my bid to match make the two of them. This is what I come up with:

1. Zack loves the beach.
2. He surfs.
3. He’s kind and he has a great sense of humour.
4. He’s clever.
5. He’s interesting. And interested.
6. Nice legs and great shoulders.
7. Has she noticed that he looks a lot like Michael Copon?

By the time we get back Nomusa and Lindi are sitting and chatting on the beach, waiting for us. We’re all going to bus back to Glenwood. First we catch the Durban People Mover, then at the Workshop we change to the Mynah bus. I make an extra effort to chat to Lindi (who’s really nice) so that Zack and Nomusa have some time to talk. 

And I think that there must be angels on my side, because when the bus is driving up Berea Road another bus passes us clad with an advert of Nomusa posing in a sexy bikini. It’s too good an opportunity to miss!

“That’s Nomusa!” I announce loudly and breezily to the passengers at large, pointing to the picture on the bus as it goes by.  

And everybody looks suitably impressed. Zack included.