It’s a Friday night and I’m at home twiddling my thumbs, this is excruciating. My mom is in her room – drinking, I suppose – and I’m watching TV with Sim. Club 808 is on and I’m only watching because it’s the closest I can get to a social update. Deneo has style. I love her hair-does and she takes worthy risks with the minis, unlike the Twins, Ntando and Hlelo.

None of my so-called friends are on BBM or Whatsapp. I checked Facebook and it seems everyone is out having a ball. Noxy and Phoebe are at Toby Joe’s. They posted up a pic with them and some guys I don’t know. They look really, really hot. That’s the great thing about Toby’s, you meet people. Cool, sexy people and you dance you ass off. I miss that.

Kate says she’s at Gondwana, I don’t believe that. Gondwana sucks on Fridays, it rocks on Sundays. She says later they’ll be off to Diamond, like really? She can’t afford Diamond, unless she’s dating some rich Nigerian guy. You need a certain status and class to even consider going to Diamond and Kate has no class. And who’s this “they” she’s talking about coz she didn’t post any pics? Fat liar.

Robbie has not called once! I don’t like him anymore and I don’t want him. He doesn’t update his status on any social network, sly fox. But it’s cool, it’s no biggy. He’ll get his own soon enough. I’ll meet a hot guy and move on with my life, Zinzi pines for no man.

Maybe I should sneak out and go to one of these Taverns… that would be a super low. This is not good, I should be out having fun like a normal teen. As soon as Sim goes to be I’m gonna help myself to one of mom’s bottled friends; that should put me out this misery. It seems to be working for her.

I wonder if I’ll ever see the inside of a club in Cape Town. Wonder what nice clubs are here, I’ve seen some along Long Street but one can’t really say much unless you go at night. I don’t get how people can just pump this commercial house that they play, it’s everywhere in Cape Town. Where are the rock places? I can’t wait to get out of here.

Oh kill me now. An Arnold Schwarzenegger movie is starting. Screw this, I’m tired of moaning, I’m going drinking.

ZZ xxx