Sebastian just called just to say hi, again. I didn’t handle the call nicely and now I’m thinking he may get the wrong idea, again. He calls me at 11 o’clock at night when he knows and can hear that I’m sleeping and he asks what I’m doing. I mean…I think he has issues; insecurities.

And now he calls asking me what I’m doing and I tell him we’re watching movies. He asks me who is we? I roll my eyes thinking, dumb, rhetorical question, so I don’t answer it. Instead I ask him what he’s up to. Big mistake!

He says I’m evading the question, what is it that I’m doing and who am I with? I mean come on. It’s a Friday night and I’m doing what I usually do on Friday nights, watching movies with Sim. I was outraged at his question and I didn’t take kindly to his accusatory tone.

What type of tramp does he think I am? I know exactly what he thinks and I hate him for even entertaining the thought. I hung up on him when I saw that we were getting into an argument.

He doesn’t want to come out and blatantly accuse me of cheating. But his questions and tone are suggestion enough that he’s thinking about it.

Amadoda, hayi suka! I need wine.

ZZ xxx