I sleep so early these days. I’m so tired after sleepless nights of working tirelessly. There’s a movie on E but I just can’t bring myself to sit there and watch. Sim and mom need to bond so I’ll let them be.

My love and I are chatting. He’s on his break and he says he’d rather spend it with me. Shweet man! If Sebastian continues saying these sweet things to me then I can’t be held accountable when I fall for him. But I don’t think I’ll tell him. It’s too soon.

I’ve decided to spread a little of this love I’m feeling. I’m taking the car to school tomorrow and I’m taking Tee out. She needs a break. I’ll you more about her later. I won’t get her drunk, don’t worry. She’s a nice girl and she’s been through a lot.

I’m yawning. I’m turning in.

ZZ xxx