So it’s school tomorrow and I’ve made my peace with it, and with everything else too. I have decided to give this place a chance and everything that goes with it. I mean, if it’s home to people like Sebastian then I’m willing to give it a second look.

We went shopping on Saturday and spent the whole day looking around at ordinary shops. Some Mr Price store has clothes I could wear but I’ll have to look out for some unique stuff, seeing that I can’t wear boutique clothes anymore. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying.

But for now I’ll stick to Foschini or Legit. Edgars for jeans and Woolies for shoes. There’s this Shoe City shop, I hear it’s everywhere, it’s got cheap shoes to die for. I hope they don’t wear off quickly because I want a couple of pairs from there.

See, I can do this. It’s all in the mind. I hope I don’t have a breakdown.

ZZ xxx