Aaarrghhh!!! I got lost today, can you imagine, a grown up getting lost in town? I got out of the college and walked around a bit. I must say Cape Town is quite nice and huge, compared to tiny little Port Elizabeth. I was really enjoying myself, all me in the street looking at different people and seeing different shops.

I walked into this one boutique and the bags are to die for. I couldn’t believe it when I checked the prices. I’m talking Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel…I’m telling you I died.

But then Cape Town has a factory for everything. I need some retail therapy. I saw some Jimmy Choo shoes and I really want them.

I walked from shoe shop to clothing shop and I got lost trying to trace my way to the station. Then I walked in into one of the pubs and asked the barman the way back to the station. Of course I pretended to order a drink. You don’t just dive in and announce that you’re lost in the middle of the city and expect the hot barman to rescue you, no matter how sexy you are. It’s called pose. And the damsel in distress thing is overdone.

OMG was the boy cute?

He looked like a rock star/artist. With black, raggedy hair and a sexy, slow smile. I almost died when he asked me for my ID. We chatted for a bit and he was quite a chatterbox. I told him about my unexpected move to Cape Town and my parents’ plan to sabotage my social life. He made me tell him, said it’s part of his job as barman, gave me the whole, “We barmen are like therapists” speech.

Besides, he said he won’t give me a second drink unless I spilt. I figured what harm would come by telling a complete stranger my deep, dark, desire to murder my whole family. I told him as such too and he laughed. It was so out of character for me but the best move ever.

Gawd he has a sexy laugh. Everything about him is so sexy. He’s like Khan and Harry Styles put together. No no, he looked just like Danny O’Donoghue, lead singer of the Script.

On my second brandy and coke he told me to chill. Said he couldn’t take my whining anymore and he offered to show me around, on behalf of Cape Town. LOL. He took my number and even walked me to the station. I felt awesome!

I told him I’m not seeing anyone when he asked me where Mr Zee is. I told him I don’t do long distance relationships. Robbie can kiss my sweet ass. I have a date this weekend.

ZZ xxx