She’d found the dress at an estate sale. The daughter was selling everything in her mother’s house. Her mother had just died in London and the daughter lived in Spain and needed to get everything sorted to go back home to her own family.

“My mother married a man from Greece. They had a difficult start of it, that was the 1940’s and marrying someone from another country was frowned upon at that time, you see. But my mother was sure she’d found the one. She made this dress herself, secretly so her mother wouldn’t find it. Then they eloped and there was nothing anyone could do.”

The dress was simple, ivory in colour, and perfect in every way.

Kendra looked at herself in the mirror. She’d almost given up hope that this day would ever come, her wedding day, but here she was. There was a knock at the door and Fred popped his head around. “They’re waiting for us Kendra, dear.”

She picked up her bouquet of daffodils and hooked her arm through Fred’s. They walked out into the vestibule of the church and the music started. Despite Hy’s protests, Kendra wanted a traditional wedding in a church. She left the reception to her mother, and she could only imagine what she’d done. But she wouldn’t trouble herself about that. Today was a day for joy.

She looked at the gathering. Asra’s father sat smiling near the front. Next to him Thiti, her husband and their two boys. She spotted Will and Maxy and their daughter in the crowd. At the front, stood Bianca her only bridesmaid. And Asra, looking stunningly handsome in his tux, smiling.

The music played and she and Fred made their way down the aisle towards her husband, Asra, the man she nearly lost twice. She was sure their life would still have problems, but she was also sure that their love for each other would hold them solidly together.

The End