Asra had been right, he was able to get along with everyone. He spent quite a long time with “the relationship group” discussing organic farming. He took Liz out to his car to take a look at a squeaking fan belt. Then Phillip locked him in the corner and started shouting at him about Egypt’s policy regarding Palestine as if Asra was the president of Egypt, but even then Asra just smiled and agreed with him. Kendra dipped in to save him and they disappeared out the front door to get away from the crowd.

Kendra sat on the bonnet of Asra’s car and Asra stood between her legs leaning in to her. Larry, Curly and Moe plopped down on the ground next to them. “Sorry about Phillip, but I warned you he loves a good argument,” Kendra said.

“Yes, you warned me, that’s why I thought if I kept agreeing to everything, he’d eventually back off. It was apparently not a good strategy. Every time I agreed with him he seemed to get angrier.”

“Yes, that’s Phillip”

Asra held her hand in his. “I’m actually enjoying myself. And I forgot to say earlier, you look so beautiful today. I couldn’t stop looking at you.”

Kendra looked down at her dress. It was one she bought at an estate sale. She guessed it was from the 1950s, a white picnic dress with a full skirt with a row of kittens embroidered along the edge. It was one of her favourites. At least he appreciated her quirky style.

Asra leaned forward and kissed her. She moved closer and kissed him back holding him by his strong shoulders. He began kissing her neck. Kendra forgot about the people in the house, she didn’t care. All that mattered was that Asra should continue exactly what he was doing. She couldn’t believe how excited she became every time he kissed her.

His lips trailed down the front of her neck, down to the deep plunging neckline of her dress. He kissed the top of her breasts and immediately her nipples hardened underneath. He ran his fingers gently over her breasts and she moaned softly in his ear. What he was doing felt so wonderful.

“Excuse me….” Someone said and Kendra was suddenly squarely at the front of her mother’s house, sitting on a car in the driveway surrounded by dogs, no longer in the wonderful place where Asra’s adept lips and tongue and hands had taken her. She looked up and there was Annah, two steps behind her was her husband Robert. They’d come outside from the house.

“Take it to a bedroom,” Robert joked. Asra smiled, embarrassed.

Annah gave Robert a playful slap. “Don’t tease the children! Kendra we need to go in for birthday cake, but I wanted to warn you about something….”

Just then Kendra’s mother came to the doorway and shouted, “Hurry you guys, we’re just about to do the candles!”

Kendra climbed down from the car still holding Asra’s hand and they began walking toward the house. “We’ll talk later Annah okay? Mom seems to want us inside.”

Annah caught up to Kendra at the door and she tried to stop her. She held her arm. “Kendra I just wanted you to know…”