“I’m so stiff,” I groan as I limp miserably down the school corridor, “I can’t believe Reinecker made me run a hundred laps.”

“He sounds like a real idiot,” Rose commiserates, reaching her hand out to touch my face as we walk down the school corridor together. 

A group of girls giggle as we pass them and I can’t help but feel slightly embarrassed. Rose and I are a real item at school now, and everybody knows we’re together. To be honest we do actually spend most of our time between classes dodging teachers and stealing quick kisses, so its no surprise people have noticed, but still, I can’t help myself blush when they do. But my aching muscles quickly shift my attention back to the problem at hand.

“Reinecker threw my dad’s book in the bin! He had no right to do that. I don’t care if he used to be a pro!”

“You’re totally right,” Rose says, “that’s disgraceful behaviour. Maybe you should speak to Mr. Naidoo about it?”

“Na-ah! No ways! I’m so not going to be the guy who runs to Mr. Naidoo because he can’t take the pace” 

Rose sighs and roles her eyes dramatically. “Boys and their egos.”

I grin. “It’s what you love about me.” 

“No,” Rose says, stopping me and putting her hands on my shoulders, “what I actually love about you is your lips.”

We sneak in a quick, passionate kiss and then as the bell rings we part to go to our separate classes. 

My legs ache as I hobble toward the prefabricated classroom for the Maths lesson. I’ve just made it there when someone runs up behind him and jumps on my back.

“Hey!” I shout, stumbling forward, my legs screaming with pain. “What are you doing?” 

Khaya holds his hands up. “Whoa, easy tiger, I was just joking.”

“I can barely walk,” I groan, dropping my school bag and leaning over to rub the backs of my legs to try and ease the burn.

“Reinecker was pretty tough last night, eh?” Khaya comments, scratching his head, “a real hardcase.” 

“I don’t like him. I can’t believe Mr. Naidoo is letting him ruin all our strategies and plans.”

Khaya nods thoughtfully, “Not using Silver’s plans is going to be difficult, but maybe it will help us in the end.” 

I shoot him a dubious look. 

“Well, we’ve got to give it a shot,” Khaya persuades. “He’s here to stay so we don’t really have a choice.”

I sigh and nod. Khaya’s right. I guess I have to try and get along with Reinecker if I want to stay on the team. 

“Well at least I have a couple of days to recover.” My voice breaks into an involuntary groan mid-sentence as I bend to pick up my bag.

Khaya looks at me and shakes his head. “Sorry, you must have still been running laps when Reinecker told us.”

“Told you what?” 

“Reinecker says we need so much help that we’re going to start having extra practices. Nathi, we’ve got another practice tonight.”