As Karl Reinecker exits the corridor and makes his way to the indoor Streetskillz soccer pitch I rush over to the bin, anger coursing through my body like a flash of lightening. I have to pick pieces of disgusting old fruit and dirt off the cover of my dad’s precious book. 

How dare Reinecker say those things about my dad’s strategies! Without them we’d never have beaten the Brazillionaires and the Dragons. My fists are clenched into tight balls and I have to take deep breaths to keep my anger under control. 

“Quick Nathi,” says Henry as he jogs by on his way out of the changeroom, “we’ve only got a minute left.”

I nod and stalk back into the changeroom, carefully placing my dad’s book inside my bag before I hastily pull on my kit. The team is starting their warm up as I jog out onto the field. 

“You, book-boy,” Reinecker growls as I join them. “It’s been three minutes and fifteen seconds. You’re doing laps.” 

“What?” I can’t actually believe this guy, “but I was just…” 

“Laps!” Reinecker screams at me, his face red and spit flying from his mouth. 

I’m completely shocked as I jolt into action and start to jog around the edge of the field in disbelief.

“Faster!” Reinecker shouts at me. 

I pick up the pace, muttering under my breath and watching as Reinecker begins the practice with the rest of the team. The German is completely changing the setup that had worked so well for us when we played against the Dragons! Instead of continuing to develop our own style, it’s already clear that he’s forcing the Streetskillz team to adopt a very conservative style of play. I grit my teeth as this all rolls out in front if me. If we play like this the Dragons will kill us.

For the whole practice I have to jog around the field without stopping! Sweat is pouring down my face and after forty-five minutes of continuous running a mean stitch starts to throb in my side. I have to slow down to catch my breath. 

“I didn’t say stop!” Reinecker shouts from the field.

“How many laps do I have to do?” I shout back. I’ve totally lost my sense of humour, I mean c’mon!

“Until I say stop,” Reinecker shouts with a grin.

I actually can’t believe this guy. I start to jog again, holding my side to contain the pain and watching in disgust as Reinecker rearranges the team yet again.

Eventually the new coach blows his whistle and the team troops off the field to the shower. I can see that everyone is exhausted. I’m grateful that the practice is over as I too walk tiredly back to the changeroom.

“Hey,” Reinecker shouts, “the others are finished. I didn’t tell you to stop.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Nathi is exhausted but the new coach is forcing him to run more laps. How do you think he should handle this situation?