“It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it Nathi?” my mom exclaims as we leave, walking outside to where the Professor’s car is parked.

“Sounds like a fantastic opportunity,” the Professor agrees as we get into the car.

I nod, but I’m still not convinced. I’ve never stayed away from home before. And having to live with Khaya in the same building doesn’t sound like fun at all.

The next day as we’re walking down to the taxi rank for school I tell Rose about it.

“They have computers?” Rose says excitedly, “you’ll be able to go onto all the soccer forums anytime you like.”

“For sure, but it’s for a whole month and I won’t get to see you or the Professor after school.”

“Of course I’ll miss you,” says Rose, putting her arms around my neck, “but maybe it’s meant to be. While you’re playing soccer I’ll be able to put in some extra studying hours – because I am going to win a scholarship to university while you hot up for trials for the next World Cup. And there’s always the art room cupboard at break time.”

I grin. She’s right.¬†”I guess it is too good an opportunity to miss.” 

“Exactly,” Rose says, “that’s what I love about you, that when you want something you really go for it.”

“Most of the time I just want you,” I smile naughtily.

“Flattery might just get you everywhere one day, Casanova,” she replies breezily.

I’m about to ask her more about this, when I see two familiar men walking towards us.

It’s the two men I saw in the stands at the Streetskillz facility. One is a tall, dark dude with dreadlocks and a leather jacket, and the other is a short, chubby blonde guy with a beard. There’s something about them that makes me uneasy. Who are they and what do they want from me?