“Cross it, I’m open!” I shout.

I spin around as the ball sails over my head, simultaneously launching myself into the air and, taking a barefoot swipe at the ball, I angle it between the two bricks which mark out the goal.

“Goal!” I yell triumphantly, dropping to my knees on the muddy ground, pulling my old t-shirt over my head and raising my hands above my head.

“Nice one Nathi,” Rose says as she jogs over, then leans down, pulling the t-shirt away from my face and kissing me on the lips. I kiss her back for a long moment before she unexpectedly pushes against my chest, causing me to topple over into the mud.¬†

“Hey!” I shout, looking up to see her grinning at me.

“Don’t punish me for being a soccer genius,” I joke, and then take her by surprise, snaking out my hand and dragging her down into the mud with me. She laughs at our silliness and I kiss her again.

“More like a kissing genius,” Rose murmurs.

“Um, excuse me,” Chippa says, standing over us with the soccer ball under his arm and eyebrows raised “do you think perhaps we can play soccer now?”

The rest of the Dynamites soccer players on the field cheer and wolf whistle as they wait for play to resume.

The excitement, the drama and the amazing festive spirit of the World Cup and the Streetskillz tournament has faded, but the Dynamites have still gotten together to play regularly.

Chippa and I are the only Dynamite players who were selected by Mr. Naidoo, the talent scout who was at the Streetskillz final, to play in his professional street soccer team. But the rest of the Dynamites are always keen for a game, and we’re grateful for the chance to practice.

I wipe my muddy hands on my shirt as I get up, and hold out a hand to help Rose up. She grabs it, and then cheekily pulls me down into the mud again with a naughty chuckle. I’m laughing with her when a familiar voice sneers from the side of the field.

“You’re not going to last long on the Streetskillz team if you let a girl get the better of you like that.” 

I look up to see Khaya standing over us with a smirk on his face.

“And what would you know about the Streetskillz team?” Rose says sarcastically, pushing herself off the ground and standing with her hands on her hips, glaring at Khaya.

“Oh, didn’t you hear?” Khaya smiles devilishly, “Mr. Naidoo asked me to play in his team.”

I get to my feet and watch in shock as Khaya walks away. I had no idea that the township’s biggest bully was going to be playing in the Streetskillz team too! This is the worst news ever!

WHAT DO YOU THINK: Nathi is unhappy about playing in the same team as Khaya. What do you think he should do?