“So I asked around at school and I found out that it’s true. There was a kid two years ago who got offered a bursary to stay at that private school in Durban, and she ended up never coming back to Innesfree!”

I’m talking so fast that I’m starting to gabble, but I don’t care. I’ve been feeling panicky ever since Tendai told me that Jayden might never come back from Durban.

“Just calm down, Latoya,” my sister Amanda says. “You have no reason to think he’s not coming back. I bet he wouldn’t take a bursary even if they offered him one. Jayden loves Joburg. He loves you.”

“Do you really think so?”

“Of course I do.”

“But what if he …”

“Oh, for goodness sake!” Amanda’s boyfriend Connor interrupts me harshly. “We’ve been talking about you and Jayden the whole night. Can we please get off the subject now?”

There’s a sudden sharp silence. I’m at Seattle coffee shop in Hyde Park with Amanda and Connor because Amanda took pity on me and invited me to come out with them. And, just for the record, we have NOT been talking about Jayden and me the whole night. This is actually the first time I’ve mentioned the subject.

I’m waiting for Amanda to defend me, but she’s not saying a word. She’s just looking anxiously at Connor as though he’s the one she is worried about.

I stand up slowly from the table. 

“I’m sorry you’re finding my conversation so boring,” I say stiffly.  “I’ll call my mom to come and fetch me, and leave you guys to enjoy the rest of your evening alone.”

Even now, I’m expecting one of them to tell me not to be silly – to make me sit down again. But they say nothing. Connor looks much more cheerful now that I’m leaving, and Amanda looks worried – but not worried enough to try and stop me.

“Fine, then, goodnight!” I say crossly, and walk off in a huff.

WHAT DO YOU THINK?  If Latoya carries on like this, she’s going to have no friends left soon.  But who is really to blame – her or Amanda?