A guy is walking towards me, calling my name, and for a second I can’t think who he is. Then I get it.  It’s that new guy who started at Innesfree at the beginning of this year. I think he’s from Harare originally. What on earth is his name again?

“Hi, Latoya.”

“Oh… um… hi… Tendai!” I remember his name just in time. I also remember that this was the guy Amanda and Jayden used to tease me about because they were convinced he had a secret crush on me.  I told them they were talking nonsense, but now I can’t help looking at him with a bit of interest. I mean, anyone who has a crush on me must at least have good taste, right?

He asks to borrow my phone, which gives me a chance to check him out while he’s making his call.  He’s not bad looking, although nothing like Jayden. He’s not as tall or as well-built or as handsome, or anything. But he is quite a pleasant, attractive guy. I should really try to set him up with someone from my science class. He’s a computer geek, apparently.

“How’re you doing since Jayden left?’ he asks as he hands back my phone. “That must have been really hard for you.”

I feel the familiar prickle of tears behind my eyes. I’m so emotional at the moment. 

“Yes.  It has been really hard.”

“How’s he doing? I presume you’ve heard from him.”

“Oh, yes. He phoned when he got there. It’s all completely different to Innesfree apparently.” 

I don’t mention that this phone-call was the only one I’ve had from Jayden since he left. I’m not about to start moaning about my boyfriend to some guy I hardly know.

“Well, if you need a friend, just let me know.” 

He gives me a warm smile and walks away. I can’t help feeling touched. A friend is the one thing I really need right now.