“He said what?” Amanda asks, her eyes bugging out of her head. “He actually suggested that you break up?”

I nod sadly. “He said we should think about it. He said I should go home and think carefully about whether I really want to wait three months for him, or would I rather be free to date other guys in the meantime.”

“So of course you said you didn’t need to think about it, you didn’t want to date any other guys, and maybe he was the one who was having doubts?”

I can’t help smiling. Amanda knows me so well. We’re only four months apart in age, and sometimes it feels like she’s my twin, rather than just my sister.

“Exactly!  That’s exactly what I said, word for word. But he got all defensive and said he was just looking out for me and maybe it wasn’t fair to expect me to wait for him. 

So I said, ‘It’s not like you’re going off to war for six years, Jayden. You’re just going to be away for a term. That’s not so long. I can cope.'”

“And how are you coping?” Amanda asks, raising her eyebrows.

“Not that great,” I admit. Jayden has been gone for exactly two days and I already miss him so much it’s like a physical ache. I keep looking up every time someone comes into the classroom, hoping it might be him.

“Well, listen, I’ve got to rush,” Amanda says, looking at her watch suddenly. “I was supposed to meet Connor five minutes ago. But we’ll talk again tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay,” I say as bravely as I can. 

I never realised how hard it is to hang out with a couple unless you’re part of a couple yourself. When you’re single you feel like a spare part – like you don’t fit in anywhere.

I really need to make some more friends, I realise as I look at the kids pouring out of school to go home. I can’t depend on Amanda and Connor anymore. They’ve got their own thing going on.


I turn quickly as I hear a voice say my name. A boy is walking towards me.

WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Do you feel more confident and accepted when you’re part of a couple? Is it harder to make friends when you’re single?