“No!”  I shake my head crossly. “Of course I’m not going to give up Jayden for Tendai. I love Jayden.  He’s my boyfriend. It’s not like that between me and Tendai. We’re just friends. Honestly we are.”

“So you’re not attracted to him at all?” Amanda asks, raising her eyebrows. “If Jayden weren’t on the scene, are you telling me you wouldn’t even think about going out with Tendai?”

“I…”  I hesitate.  

I want to lie and say that I feel nothing for Tendai, but Amanda knows me too well. I still love Jayden and know that he is my first choice all the way. But it is kind of flattering the way Tendai listens when I talk, like I’m the most fascinating person he’s ever met. And Jayden’s not here, is he? And every time I talk to him he’s so wrapped up in his Durban life it’s like he doesn’t even have time for me anymore.

“I knew it!” Amanda says triumphantly. “I knew you had feelings for Tendai. I was right! You’re getting yourself into a bad situation here, Latoya. You need to be careful.”

Suddenly I feel my temper flaring up. Who is Amanda to tell me what to do? It’s not like her life is that great either.

“Don’t act like you’ve got all the answers, Amanda,” I say snappishly. “Why don’t you stop worrying about my relationship and start worrying about your own?”

Amanda folds her arms across her chest and stares at me angrily.  

“My relationship?” she says. “What has my relationship got to do with it?  I’m not the one who’s two-timing her boyfriend.”

“It’s your boyfriend that’s the problem!” I say. “He’s the biggest control-freak I’ve ever met. You’re not even allowed to walk across the street without his permission. I’ve seen the way he pulls you around and bosses you. A guy who treats you like that now is a guy who could get violent with you later on.”

“Violent!” Amanda snorts. “Don’t give me that. You just don’t like him because he doesn’t want us hanging out any more.”

“And doesn’t that strike you as a bit control-freaky? Trying to separate you from your own sister?”

“Oh, stop it, Latoya! There’s nothing wrong with Connor or our relationship. You’re just trying to distract me from your feelings for Tendai.”

“I don’t have any feelings for Tendai!” I almost scream. 

But it’s too late. Amanda has already turned on her heel and gone back inside St Elmo’s where she greets Connor extra-lovingly because she knows I’m watching.

Oh, nice going, Latoya. Now they’ll probably stay together forever.