“What do you mean?” I ask defensively.

“I’m just asking whether Jayden knows that you’re out with Tendai tonight?” Amanda says again. 

I look at her closely. She’s not being mean – she’s just concerned about me. I know she’s a good friend to Jayden as well as being my sister. It’s understandable that she’s worried about us. But her question still makes me uncomfortable.

Am I so untrustworthy that I can’t even have a pizza with a guy without everyone thinking I’m cheating on Jayden?

“Latoya and I are just friends,” Tendai says. 

But Amanda is looking at me, not him. I suddenly realise that I don’t want to have this conversation in front of him.

“Please excuse us for a moment,” I say, and drag Amanda outside into the parking lot. “Now, what was that all about?”

“I don’t know, Latoya, why don’t you tell me?” she says crossly. “How would you feel if Jayden was spending Saturday night alone with a pretty girl who was really into him?”

“Maybe he is! Who knows – he could be getting up to anything there in Durban.”

“Jayden is a good guy, Latoya. He would never cheat on you. You know that, don’t you?”

“All I know is that he keeps telling me what a fantastic time he’s having and how he wishes he could stay in Durban forever.”

“Well, you don’t want him to be having a horrible time, do you? If you love someone you wish the best for them, even when they’re not with you.”

I stare at Amanda in frustration. Why does she have to be so damn reasonable all the time? I was feeling so sure of myself, but now I’m wobbling.

“Jayden was the one who encouraged me to go out with Tendai!” I say triumphantly as I remember my trump card. “He said Tendai was a cool guy and that I should get out more and meet new people.”

Amanda looks like she can’t believe her ears. “Jayden told you to go out for pizza on a Saturday night with Tendai?”

“Um… well… no, not exactly.” Now that I think about it, Jayden was just talking about the LAN party.  He doesn’t know a thing about tonight. “But he doesn’t want me sitting at home and moping.”

“Latoya! Tendai is majorly into you. He’s had a huge big crush on you since forever, and you know it.  You’re playing with fire by going out with him. I mean, look at the guy!” She points through the window of St. Elmo’s where we can see Tendai ripping his paper napkin up into tiny pieces. 

“Honestly, Latoya, who do you prefer – Jayden or Tendai?”

For a moment, I’m quiet.  Then I open my mouth to answer…