“Let me get this straight,” Amanda’s boyfriend Connor says. “You and Latoya were brought up in different families and you only found out that you were related this year?”

We both nod. That’s about the size of it.

“So your relationship is nothing but an accident, right? You’re not real sisters. You just happen to share the same birth father. You might as well be total strangers.”

“Now wait a minute!” I can’t keep quiet a moment longer. “Of course we’re real sisters. We share the same blood. And we look out for each other – that’s what sisters do.”

“Blood!” Connor laughs. “That’s so old-fashioned. Blood means nothing. Nothing! If you weren’t brought up in the same house, there’s no way you can suddenly have a close relationship now.”

“Yes, we can,” I say immediately, but it doesn’t sound very convincing.

“Whatever,” Connor says dismissively. “As long as you realise that I’d like to spend some time alone with my girlfriend from now on. You can’t tag along with us anymore, Latoya. You need to get a life, and stop trying to live Amanda’s.”

I turn my head to look at Amanda. Isn’t she going to start defending me soon? Isn’t she going to say that we ARE real sisters and that we mean everything to each other?

No, apparently she isn’t.

She looks very upset, I admit, but she just keeps right on staring at the ground and saying nothing.

“That’s better!” Connor says with satisfaction.  “Now let’s get out of here, babe.”

As I watch, he reaches out and grabs Amanda’s wrist so hard that she winces. Then he gives her a tug that sends her stumbling towards him. And only then does he put his arm around her and lead her away from the school gates.

I’m waiting for my feisty, no-nonsense sister to tell him to stop being so damn clumsy, but she says nothing. This is so weird.  It’s like she’s had a personality transplant or something. The Amanda I know would never let a guy get away with that.