Jayden looks up from the poem he’s working on as Refilwe slides into the seat next to him. I’m leaning so far forward to hear what they’re saying that I’m practically lying on my desk.

“What are you working on?” Refilwe asks. She’s using that high, sing-song voice that girls put on to chat up guys.

“Just a poem.” He lifts the corner of his mouth slightly.

She gives his chair a light kick. “You’re always reading or writing. Doesn’t it get boring after a while?”

I almost want to laugh. This is SO not the right way to go about chatting up Jayden. He loves those books of his. He and Refilwe obviously have nothing in common.


I make a choking noise that I try to turn into a cough. What does he mean ‘sometimes’? I remember Jayden telling me that he could never be bored because there are always new books to be read.

Refilwe smiles a satisfied smile. “I thought so!  I bet you like doing other stuff too, like going to clubs, right?”


I give a little laugh under my breath. Okay, maybe that wasn’t really under my breath, seeing as Refilwe and Jayden both turn to look at me.

“Something wrong, Latoya?” Refilwe asks. Her voice is sweet, but her eyes are shooting daggers at me.

“I thought you liked movies more than clubs, Jayden?” I say, challenging him directly. 

He’s always dragging Amanda and me off to this place called The Bioscope in town where they show foreign movies with subtitles.

“I like dancing too.”

Refilwe smiles like a shark scooping up her prey. “Then how would you like to come to Mirrors with me on Saturday night.

Jayden looks straight at me for a second, before turning back to Refilwe. He smiles his sexy smile at her.

 “I’d love to, thanks.”