I leave the dance feeling about a hundred times better.

Jayden is obviously not at all interested in Refilwe. He spent the whole evening trying to avoid her, until she finally got the message and hooked up with another bunch of friends. Then he asked me to dance and we ended up having a very nice time together.

Nothing romantic, unfortunately. Just nice and relaxed.

So now I’m in a much better mood. Even though Amanda’s mom came to fetch us at 11pm – we asked for 11.30pm – I refuse to let it get to me. I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Amanda’s mom drops me off at home and waits to see me let myself into the house. Then she drives off with a wave.

“How was your party?”

I’m a bit surprised to find Kabelo still awake and watching TV in the kitchen. He and my mom are usually asleep by this time.

“It was fine, thanks. Where’s Mom?”

“She had to go to your granny’s house. Some kind of crisis, apparently. She won’t be back until morning.”


I can’t help feeling a bit shocked. This is the first time I’ve been alone at night with just Kabelo for company. Suddenly the room seems very small. I’m super-aware of having to brush past him to get through the kitchen.

“Well, I’ll be off to bed now,” I start gabbling. “Good night.”

I skip into my room and close the door quickly behind me before he can say anything. As I feel it latch under my hand, I breathe a sigh of relief.

Then I change into my pyjamas and go straight to bed. I’d feel a lot happier if Mom were here, but in the meanwhile I’ll make the night go quicker by sleeping through it.

I get into bed and close my eyes. At about midnight, I hear my door-handle slowly opening.

WHAT DO YOU THINK: Why do you think Kabelo is coming into Latoya’s room in the middle of the night?