Well, to be honest, Refilwe is sort of clutching Jayden’s hand between both of hers, like he might disappear in a puff of smoke if she let go of him.

But I can’t really convince myself that he’s trying very hard to get away. In fact, he looks quite relaxed.

“We’d better go and say hi,” Amanda says, heading in their direction.

“Are you crazy?” I almost scream, grabbing her arm and steering her in the opposite direction.  “We’re not going to talk to him while he’s with HER.”

“So we’re just going to ignore him the whole evening? Even though he’s one of our best friends? I don’t think so.”

“Oh, all right.” 

I have to give up that plan anyway because Jayden has spotted us and is waving at us to come over.  Is it my imagination or does he look a bit desperate for new company?

“So then she was all, like, what are you gonna do about it? And I was, like, what are YOU gonna do about it? And she was, like, I asked you first. And I was, like, Nuh-uh, girlfriend, it don’t work like that. And she was, like, I don’t THINK so. And I was, like…”

Refilwe just keeps going on and on and on with the story she’s telling Jayden. She doesn’t even turn to greet us. Her voice just keeps droning on. Now I’m pretty sure I’m not imagining it – he looks bored to death – and very pleased to see us.

“Hey, guys!” His voice rings with relief. “Did you hear the rumour that Locnville might be here tonight?”

We all wince as Amanda’s squeal cuts through the air like a knife.

“Now look what you’ve done,” I sigh. “You know what she’s like when it comes to Locnville.”

“But it turned out to be just a rumour!” Jayden says quickly, raising his voice above Amanda’s excited squeaking. Her face sags with disappointment.

“Never mind that.” Refilwe turns to Jayden. “Let’s go and dance.”

“Er… good idea!” Jayden says doubtfully. “Hey, why don’t we ALL go?”  

He clamps his hands around my and Amanda’s arms and starts tugging us to where the dancing is happening.

I glance at Amanda. I’m very tempted to leave Jayden to Refilwe while we go and get a boerewors roll. After all, he got himself into this situation. But he looks so desperate I don’t have the heart.

“Oh, all right,” I say, feeling my tummy rumble. “One dance…”