Transcripts of an interview with Mr. Khuzwayo (Chairman of CAPU) on broadcast at 09.00am on the 17th of December. 

Interviewer: At what time did you notice that you had unwelcome guests at the event last night?

Mr. Khuzwayo: At about 11.30 my nephew Themba Khuzwayo came to inform me that various members of MONTA had gained admittance and asked to deal with them. He is young and has a (for the record there was a long pause here) uncertain temper. A generally good young man but like all youth can be impulsive and…(another pause) I didn’t want any trouble with all the eyes of the media on the event. It was important to show that we are a moderate and tolerant party. 

Interviewer:  Of course I quite understand. I also understand that the trouble started when one of the gatecrashers was found to be dancing with your daughter?

Mr. Khuzwayo: Yes that is quite true. Themba Khuzwayo claimed it was the son of Mr Montecch

Interviewer: For the record and to be absolutely clear we are talking about the son of Mr Montecchi the present Chairman of MONTA?

Mr. Khuzwayo: Yes that is who I mean. His son was pawing my daughter according to Themba Khuzwayo. 

Interviewer: What happened next? 

Mr. Khuzwayo: The visitors were asked to leave.

Interviewer: Were they threatened at anytime?

Mr. Khuzwayo: Not in my hearing.

Interviewer: Several reporters at the entrance claimed they heard Themba Khuzwayo threatening to kill the intruder.

Mr. Khuzwayo: Not in my hearing.

Interviewer: I am sure you would agree that in the present situation death threats are not helpful.

Mr. Khuzwayo: There were no death threats in my hearing. It is however quite clear that the boy was sent to ruin our annual event and humiliate my child. If tempers frayed then it is no surprise. 

Interviewer: So are you condoning the death threats?

Mr. Khuzwayo: There were no death threats.