The President of South Africa has formally ratified his parliament’s decision to declare a State of Emergency. Police will have the right to use “extreme measures” in situations which may lead to the break down of public order. More controversially the death penalty has been reintroduced. Many commentators are saddened by this move, human rights activist Bishop Lawrence of the African Apostle Church claims the government is “taking the country back into the dark ages of the apartheid years”. However a survey carried out today by confirms that many ordinary South Africans approve the move believing not only will it stop the present so called “Tit for Tat” murders being carried out by CAPU and MONTA supporters but also generally curb the rising crime statistics.

There is a strong police presence in Cape Town’s CBD today as senior members of CAPU arrive from all over the country in preparation for their annual conference. The Chairman of CAPU is to hold a special Carnival Ball tonight at one of the country’s most exclusive hotels. Security will be extremely tight in order to stop the event being disrupted by MANTU supporters. Many of CAPU’s celebrity supporters including most of the so called Black Swans, the young and beautiful women CAPU cadre Themba Khuzwayo seems to attract, are expected to attend.

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