Dear Mum and Dad, I am going to try and tell you what is going on. It is really difficult and I am going to find it tricky. You have always been good parents and have, I know, always wanted what you thought was best for me. All through my life you have struggled hard to look after me and to fight for what you believe in. Please don’t be cross but maybe in doing this you have lost sight of the real values of your life. You are both kind and good although dad does have a very bad temper sometimes. Why do you hate so much then? Is it that the others are really that different or have you made them that because you don’t understand them? They are the same as you and me, and I should know because I married one of them. Ok, I have said it now. I married Romeo the day he killed Themba Khuzwayo. I love him more than life. Bishop Lawrence knows all about it. He got me the drugs to fake my death. Romeo was to be here when I woke in the morgue. Something went horribly wrong though so that he is now lying dead on this icy floor. Please forgive me and forgive my husband. You would have loved him, I know, if you had been able to meet him. He is still so handsome, mum and dad. You would have found him a good son. Anyway. Think I died when I did if you can understand what I mean. I do love you both but need to be with my husband. We did Mandela in history at school last year and I remember something he wrote, which I thought was stupid then, but now I understand. “The world is truly round and begins and ends with those we love”. Your loving, daughter, Khunjulwa Montecchi xx. 

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