Wen u read dis I wil b dead. I’m in d morgue alrdy so 4 1ce I’m really organised. Hw often @ d point of death have men bn merry both Mer Cutio n Themba Khuzwayo cmed happy in a weird way just be4 dey died. Hw cn I cal dis happy tho? She is dead, so y has nt tym stopped? Y does my <3 stil beat? I kno I can't explain it 2 u in words which wil eva make sense. Witout her howeva my life is nt worth livin. It sounds so pathetic I kno n I hope u wil keep sum of dat anger in ur heart. Bt dey wud neva let us alone, for her ppl, I am a murderer. How cud it eva be diffrent for dem? I spilled their blood. Dey wud neva tolerate me. 4 u dey r roaches. So odd dat d ppl we <3 2 h8 each other. Wen wil we learn 2 c we r al d same, al children of d same parents? She luks so beautiful stil. Death has not touched her @ al. I was so frightened thinking she wud luk diffrent. She luks asleep. @ tyms it cms she is even breathing. No sleep makes u c things eh? She is still full of color n almost cms warm in dis cold place. She is my tru n wonderful wife n <3 is calling to me. I am going to drink a cup of sumthing nw n so wil have 2 go. u were d best of friends tell my mum and dad sorry. 

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