I, Bongiwe Gobodo, affirm that the statement below is a true record of the events of the 29th of December. 

I am a traditional healer with my own shop in the location. At around lunchtime a young man banged on the door. I had never seen him before. I told him it was a holiday and we were closed. He asked to come in to discuss some business with me. Times are hard at present and I am caring for two of my grandchildren because my daughter is late (dead). So, I let him in. Once inside he pulled out his wallet and put over R5, 000 on the counter. I asked him what that was for and told him I don’t do any illegal trading or things like that. He said that he had an old dog, a beloved family pet and he wanted something to put him down. I knew he was lying, a man with that much money went to a vet to have his animals dealt with, he didn’t treat them himself. Then I thought about my grandchildren. I hadn’t been able to get them much in the holidays, not even new clothes at Christmas. If he wanted to kill an old dog why was it my problem? My little ones are more important than a dog. I measured out enough of the drug to kill twenty dogs. As he took it I told him that it was only my poverty that forced me to do this as he well knew. He replied by putting some more money on the counter. I don’t remember exactly how much. It wasn’t until I saw his picture on the news that I realised he had taken the poison himself. I swear I wouldn’t have sold him anything to hurt himself with, I thought he was killing an old dog. You have to remember I came forward myself. I went to the police as soon as I saw him on the news. It wasn’t my fault. 

Signed and witnessed. 

31st December.