Extracts from Bishop Lawrence’s Diary

December 28th. 

16.00 p.m.
Called early by the family. She was found dead in bed by her mother. They appear to have no problem in believing she committed suicide. They are blaming it on her being out of her mind with grief about her cousin’s murder. Her father is swearing he will kill any CAPU supporter he meets. He is blaming them for everything and seems to have forgotten all the pressure he was putting on her. In the chaos I called Dr W. and basically forced him into confirming the death. Told him unless he certified her dead I would explain that he supplied her with illegal drugs.         

December 29th

Still no news from Romeo. I can only pray he has got the messages. I must confess that I am scared to death at the desperate nature of our plan. Was there another course? Her body is in the morgue. I will go tonight to be with her when she wakes. God be with me.