Wel. Ttl finking nightmare. Dey held me at the border 4 nearly 2 wks. Sumthing abt my status as an exile. Tel u wh@ mate we have a lot 2 b grateful 4 in SA. The cells r disgusting n ev’ything costs money. Having 2 text as dey took al my cash. Plz send sum money. My dad will sort u out 4 it. Note new number. No reply 4rom Khunjulwa. How’s she? Cn u get a message 2 her abt my fone? How r my mum n dad? How is SA?? Most NB how’s SHE?? Nothing cn b 2 bad if she is ok. 
+ 29 24 431 6139. 
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Don’t kno how 2 say this. So plz, plz 4give me 4 being d messenger. She is dead. It was in all the papers.
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No way is th@ funny.
+29 24 431 6139. 
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I promise it’s d truth. 
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R u ok?
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