There’s nothing in this world that beats the joy of waking up to the familiar voice of the man you love dearly; the only man you can trust not to keep secrets from you; the man who’s love is unconditional, no matter what you’ve done; my father.

That’s what I love about my father, when I am in the wrong he corrects me and when I’ve done him proud he never fails to give me props. And just now he called to wish me luck with my exams.

I told him luck is for those who are not well prepared, and he should just wish me the wisdom to write what is right. He laughed. The most beautiful sound a girl could hear so early in the morning; a hoarse laughter, reserved and gentle laughter, so unique.

“Are you prepared?” he asked me. Am I prepared?

Oh! Yes, I am more than prepared. I study smart not hard, just 3 hours a day, like Ms Van die Kerk, my grade 12 Life Orientation tacher, advised me to. I am even more ready to kick that exam paper to the dust because of my dad’s phone call. I am pumped up; that’s the spirit I need to take with me to the exam room if I want to pass and make my parents proud.

Can’t wait to be done with this so I could be free to visit my dad.

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Break a leg.

ZZ xxx