On her return to the hotel in Madagascar — after Edward threw them out of his house — Anathi was cagey about what had happened at the Frenchman’s house. They arrived back just after Mzi, Isla and Karabo came back from the festival. Karabo still felt a black hole eating away at her chest. As she arrived, Anathi ran to her and pulled her into a tight hug. Cedric had simply told everyone to pack as they were leaving the next day. Things had not worked out, and Edward English had warned them to leave the island.

Karabo told them that William was gone, but she didn’t know where. The adults looked down at the floor as heartbroken sobs escaped from Jez’s mouth and she ran to her room.

‘He’s gone back to his father Karabz. I’m sorry,’ Cedric explained. It wasn’t as if she didn’t know. She just hoped that she was wrong, but the black hole that swallowed her broken heart got bigger. Mzi started to argue with his father, defending William. ‘It can’t be dad!’ he shouted. ‘I know him, he’s my friend. He hates his father. I’m telling you, his father is bribing him or something, Dad, you have to believe me!’

‘I’m sorry my boy. William English isn’t who you think he is. He is just like his father. No good,’ Cedric stated flatly.

Mzi shouted in frustration and stormed to his room. Karabo felt Mzi’s hurt and dared not look at Isla. She knew she’d see the words, ‘I told you so’ reflected in her face. When they got back to their room, Isla wrapped herself around Karabo in great heaving sobs. Karabo held her friend tightly as her own tears dried up.

‘I’m so sorry my Karabz. I’m so sorry for you and for him. I don’t think he really knows what he is doing. He’s such a screw up!’ she sobbed.

The trip back home from Madagascar was almost unbelievable. Early the next morning, a group of policemen arrived to escort them to the airport and ensure they boarded the next one-way flight back to South Africa. Karabo made sure she sat next to Jez on the plane.

‘What happened Jez?’ Karabo asked her, looking at her intently as Jez hung her head in disappointment.

‘Please Jez, my mom seems to be in some state of shock. I need to know what happened with William. Please…’ pleaded Karabo.

Jez took Karabo’s hands into her own. She slowly recounted how Edward had arrived at the Frenchman’s house, how they’d revealed they were in cahoots and how they had the police in their control. Jez swallowed hard, before taking a breath and explaining how William had appeared and revealed to Edward why she was in Madagascar.

‘Say that again Jez. What were his exact words?’ asked Karabo, interrupting Jez. She repeated what he had said:

‘She thinks she can convince the Malagasy government that she is a descendant of the royals, but they have rejected her. It’s pathetic really!’

‘But he knows that you haven’t even met them yet. The government. He knows that we are still working on it. You didn’t get to meet anyone yet. It’s not finalised.’

Jez merely shook her head. ‘It doesn’t matter Karabo. He’s with his father now and will say whatever he needs to say. It’s irrelevant and he belongs to him,’ she said softly, resigned to silence once more. William didn’t get things mixed up; it didn’t make sense. Maybe he had wanted to protect Jez in some way? The hurt on Jez’s face mirrored her own — to finally be reunited with her son after all these years and then to lose him again. Karabo could only imagine how Jez was feeling.


Question: Why is everyone so upset?