Then she had moved the topic of conversation back to Isla, who had been whimpering about how Mzi probably still adored her, but was an emotional mess and working through his stuff.

Karabo nearly laughed when Isla told her what had happened between them, before quickly realising that it was all true and serious. Just as well she had changed her face from a near laugh to deep concern. Mzi’s inability to deal with his emotions just seemed to make Karabo giggle. It was strange but true.

‘I’m sure I did!’ lied Karabo, ‘but you were all upset about Mzi and so you probably forgot.’ Isla’s eyes narrowed. ‘Hmm, I doubt it, but I’ll let this go because I was distraught!’ confessed Isla, still scanning Karabo to try and draw out the lie.

‘Anyway, the point is my mom obviously doesn’t take my abilities as a sangoma seriously!’

‘What?’ said Isla, looking at Karabo as if she were insane. ‘That’s not true. You are imagining stuff. All she did was not tell you about their manhunt. Like you didn’t tell her about the dream! Just phone her and say sorry already. You and your mom don’t fight!’ said Isla, stating a well-known fact.

Karabo folded her arms and mumbled to herself like a grumpy child. ‘Fine!’ she said, ‘but I also want to go to Madagascar!’

‘Don’t we all,’ sympathised Isla.

‘They’re going to this amazing beautiful, hot island called Nosy Be. We could just go along and hang somewhere while the adults go play investigator,’ suggested Karabo.

‘Wait a minute, tell me the name of that island again?’ Isla said, her eyes sparkling.

‘Nosy Be, north of Madagascar,’ responded Karabo, annoyed that Isla hadn’t been concentrating.

Isla snapped her fingers and jumped up off the bed to grab her phone. She frantically typed something into her phone and waited for the screen to respond.

‘I knew it!’ shouted Isla jumping up and down.

She turned to Karabo and shoved her phone into Karabo’s face. ‘Look, thanks to Jonno — the history buff in a jock’s body — I know about this Libertalia Festival!’

Karabo took the phone and moved it further away from her face.

The Libertalia Festival happened in Nosy Be every year, hosted by the same French businessman Anathi spoke about. Bands from across Africa and some DJs came to Nosy Be each year and put on this amazing three-day festival. The festival was going to be held at the same time as Anathi and the others would be in Madagascar.

‘Looks really cool Isla, but how does this help me…  us?’  asked Karabo.

‘We guilt trip your mom into taking you…and hopefully me,’ offered Isla, twitching her eyebrows. Karabo laughed. ‘Seriously?’ Isla nodded emphatically.

‘OK, I’ll ask my mom and see what she says,’ agreed Karabo eventually. ‘After I beg for forgiveness. Besides, worst case — she could say no!’

As it turned out, her mom said yes. Then she convinced Cedric and Jez to bring Mzi and William too, so the ‘kids’ could have a summer holiday together. Karabo had been surprised when Anathi told her the news. ‘Why did you do that mom?’ she asked. She had successfully avoided William for most of the term since their sad kiss in the parking lot. ‘You’re all friends, and the guys can look after you and Isla. You never know what weirdos go to these festivals. It will be fun. You know… the more the merrier!’ Anathi chimed.


Question: Would you want to go to Madagascar? Try Google Madagascar and Nosy Be – tell us what you think of these places.