Being back at Dayeton College seemed surreal. So much had happened over the holiday, yet here they were — back at school where everything stayed exactly the same. The minute Karabo and Isla found each other, they made their way to the beach to catch up privately, away from their roommates. Sliding down the sandy dune path to the beach they squealed and giggled at each other’s holiday frolics. As they walked quickly along the beach, the wind flicked at their hair and they found themselves speaking over each other’s stories excitedly, as they tried to catch up on three weeks of news.

‘I still can’t believe how lucky you are Isla. Who finds a gorgeous boy on some random farm, thanks to their parents?’ said Karabo, still awestruck by Isla’s uncanny luck.

‘I know, and how gorgeous is he?’  stated Isla, making Karabo giggle.

‘Gorgeous Isla! Absolutely gorgeous!’ confirmed Karabo emphatically. Karabo had seen a picture of the smiley Jonno on Isla’s mobile. He was cute and her sixth sense told her that he was a good guy. She also liked the way his eyes had a naughty twinkle to them. Isla was recounting how the final days of her holiday had been like a dream — hours swimming in the mountain streams with Jonno (and unfortunately her brother and

his sister too). She told Karabo how she snuck out of her room late at night, to meet Jonno in the garden and kiss him for hours.

‘Do you think your parents guessed what you were up to?’ asked Karabo. The thought of being caught kissing a boy with all those adults around completely freaked Karabo out.

‘No way. We were cool as cucumbers around the folks. I don’t even think that Fab and Nicky picked up on anything either,’ stated Isla.

Karabo was impressed with Isla’s confidence in her ability to hide her emotions. As her best friend, Karabo could see straight through Isla, and wondered if her parents were really as blind as Isla thought they were.

‘So, what now? Long-distance relationship?’ asked Karabo, her voice hinting at the fact that she didn’t believe in such things.

‘Definitely not. No way Karabz. It was all good fun and games, but you know. He was the perfect antidote to Mzi — my rebound guy. I can move on now. I don’t need Mzi or Jonno actually. Lovely as he is, it’s really not feasible and if I see him again that’s cool. But what are the chances? We go to school in different provinces!’ stated Isla firmly. She had a new air about her. Her mind was resolute, she seemed taller and more self-assured than she’d been the whole of the first term.

‘Great,’ said Karabo. ‘Jonno was just what you needed to realise that you are amazing without Mzi. Glad to have you back!’

Isla radiated confidence, with cheeks rosy and bright. Grabbing Karabo’s good hand, Isla pulled her into a playful skip along the beach. Her unbridled joy was infectious.

As they made their way back to the school building, they stomped their feet on the gravel to dislodge the beach sand from their

trainers. Karabo began telling Isla about her holiday with Buzz, and how every time they’d gone out, they’d had the best time.

‘It was just so easy going…No strange silences. No misunderstanding…Basically, no weird stuff,’ explained Karabo, ‘Buzz is just awesome to be with.’

Isla nodded her head, lips taut. ‘It can be easy,’ she said.

Karabo looked down. ‘I know. Finally, I am really and truly over William. I will not falter again, I promise,’ said Karabo. ‘Besides, my ancestors are a lot quieter when I am not around him or thinking about him, which makes my life easier and I sleep so much better too.’

Isla hugged Karabo, ‘Congratulations my friend. We are finally over these stupid boys and we can move on. Yay for us!’


Question: Do you believe the girls have ‘moved on’?